... If you make art, people will talk about it ...

Màrion Crampe - international pole star

"Spotlight Artist of the Day: the smart and talented Jordan Kensley " the hottest version of your "classique" pole motion"  ....
I met Jordan deeper the past week. We shared amazing conversations about society , humans and much more. After seeing her moving and expressing on stage, I even felt better and deeper the sense of many of our exchanges.
Here it is not about the fact Jordan is super hot and has one of the most magic bumbum, but about the meaning of every breath and the power of self expression #whatmakesyoufeelalive #ToTheFullest.
Enjoy her dance and def take a chance to get more of her during workshops around the world (coming soon). 
Jordan Kensley Mesdames et Messieurs..."

Kyra Wieland - Pure Gravity Fitness

"Leaving a review for workshops with Jordan Kensley comes with ease. Jordan was able to bring balance to all of her workshops. Our studio allows anyone of any level to sign up and participate for workshops being offered. This can often present many challenges for a an instructor. This didn't seem to slow her down. Jordan was more capable of modifying each move/trick to students of different levels within each workshop. Her enthusiasm for teaching was more than I could've expected; she was patient and very hands-on with all the students and very informative.
We had one student with social anxieties and Jordan was very respectful and loving towards her. Helping the student to manage her fear, encouraging her to continue in the class and giving her guidance. She really seemed to care about the progress of each individual and the entire class. She brought an undeniable energy to our studio that our students loved. Classes were fun, energetic and educational. She was outstanding!
Loved her workshop choices and was pleasant to do business with. I will be asking her to come back!"
Kyra Wieland - Pure Gravity Fitness

Kyra Wieland - Pure Gravity Fitness

Cleos Rock 'N' Pole Student-Croatia Pole Camp 2016

"How crazy this must be. I met Jordan Kensley - my hero at Croatia Pole Camp??!! I am so happy to meet her in person - and she is just as beautiful, sweet, adorable and amazing as in her tutorials for Cleo's Rock 'N' Pole!!

I love her work, she's my number one teacher!! Jordan, I love you, thank you for being here with us in Pula.. and.. YOU ROCK!!!"

Marjolein frantzen - Chalans Amsterdam

"Had the honour to host workshops with Jordan in my studio in Amsterdam. 

Everybody that visited the workshops are asking me when she will be back again. I think that already says a lot about here teacher skills and her personality.

Dear Jordan, you are a wonderful person (as a teacher and as a guest in my house and family) and I enjoyed the workshops very much! Can't wait to welcome you back and dance again with you.
Love from Marjolein (Chalans Amsterdam)"